Wednesday 17 April 2024

Bat Box Follow ups not happening.

I received this note from Jessica at TRCA this past week after asking if they would be opening up our bat boxes to check for any activity over the past year...

"At this point in time there is no monitoring scheduled for the bat boxes at CSS. Only boxes included in the provincial requirements for Metrolinx are monitored to confirm they are being used.

Having the monitoring crew go out with the appropriate equipment costs anywhere from $2,500 to $3,500 per box to monitor. This includes analysing the echometer or sonobat recording and they don’t currently have the budget to include more boxes. They suggest community members can monitor for bat exits at dusk to see if they’re being used and ask that the public note if there are any damage to the boxes that requires maintenance."

DASSP will endeavour to monitor over the next year and report back!

Thursday 21 March 2024

Sam Smith Park Clean Up will be Sunday, April 21st.

Alan Roy's park cleanup day will be on Sunday, April 21st ! 

Please come out if you are able to, and help us maintain our beloved park! 

Thursday 19 October 2023

Rebuilding the beaches at Sam Smith Park - Disability Impact

NOTE: This activity has now been delayed a few months, until June 2024

Today I wheeled through the park and encountered a band of surveyors between the pond and third beach.

I spoke to the lead surveyor who stated that they were measuring the pea gravel paths to determine their width for heavy equipment which would be required to carry out the work next year.  Additionally, he was there to determine the impact of the heavy equipment on tree roots underneath the path.

This work will definitely impact the access of disabled park users, as the heavy equipment on the heavy traffic pea gravel routes would likely become impassable by wheelchair users, while vision impaired visitors would likely be unable to process audible environmental clues needed to make their way through the park unaided.

DASSP has learned of a Lakeshore Grounds Committee community group, of with FOSS is a member, operating out of Humber College, which learns of these project ahead of time.  DASSP will be seeking to participate in these meetings going forward, so that we can represent the needs of the mobility, visibility and hearing impaired park users, as well as the elderly.

As far as DASSP is aware, this work would commence sometime in 2024.  We would seek to ensure that all paths remain wide enough for disabled access, and advise on any other access impact/issues that we are currently unaware of.

Monday 11 September 2023

Baby Snapping Turtles at Sam Smith Park

DASSP members participated in a Turtle Watch hatching over the weekend.  

Over 30 baby Snapping Turtles were released to the ground, very near the water, to allow the juveniles to find their own way down to the water safely, and without predation. While this species is not endangered, it is threatened.  

There are 3 other nests around the pond, so we will be hoping for further hatchings and releases throughout the remainder of the late summer and into autumn.

Thursday 17 August 2023

Dog Park accessibility opposite the Sam Smith Powerhouse.

DASSP has followed up with Jorge, from Toronto Parks, on this important issue (please see our earlier post).

The dog park remains largely inaccessible to our members in wheelchairs (both manual and power) due to the uneven tree roots and post rain mud and mire.

Please stay tuned.  We are hoping to have this sorted or at least an update before the autumn rainy season.

Thursday 25 May 2023

Assembly Hall - ART ON THE BRAIN : May 16 - June 14

The Brain Injury Society of Toronto is currently presenting an Art Exhibition at the Assembly Hall entitled "ART ON THE BRAIN" until June 14.  

These talented disabled artists have produced quite a thought provoking array of pieces. Please drop in and have a look on your way in or out of Sam Smith Park over the next few weeks.

Apologies to the artists for the poor quality of my pics.